Meditation for complete beginners!

I am still on the path of being a perfect meditator but I can definitely see some changes in myself which I never ever noticed. I realized that there are things in my life which I do mindlessly every day. After meditating for some time, I can in some extent control my mind and I... Continue Reading →


Ways to deal with REJECTION!

The way you choose to respond to rejection could determine the entire course of your future. Sometimes it’s all about the worries about what might happen that keeps us paralyzed and terrified. We get so nervous that we don’t even try. Sometimes thought patterns like I'm not good enough, etc get embedded in your mind... Continue Reading →

10 ways to deal with toxic people!

Life is too short for dealing with difficult and toxic people. But sometimes you can't completely cut someone out of your life for whatever reasons, I have been there too. So here are some tips which i learned through articles and videos and personally applied them in my life. I hope that these tips will... Continue Reading →

Study tips

Start tracking time keep a journal and track every hour of studying so that you can see how productive you were the whole day. Plan your study schedule in the morning within 5 mins. Exercise or meditate Exercising and meditation can increase you energy and focus. they make you more relaxed. Eating healthy food is... Continue Reading →

Ways to sleep better!

when an activity becomes a habit, it takes a lot less willpower. 1. Bedtime routine prepare yourself for a good nights sleep. Routine like brushing your teeth, flossing, reading, meditation, aromatherapy or a warm bath with candles, just anything which produces a calming effect. Limit your exposure to blue light at night by using apps... Continue Reading →

Cornell Note Taking

It will help you keep your notes organized and make reviewing course material much easier. Note taking area While listening to a lecture, or reading a text, take notes only in the right-hand section of the page. Focus on getting just the key words and points down so that you can keep up with the... Continue Reading →

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